WaspsNot many people like wasps, and some people even have a crippling fear of these social, and sometimes aggressive, insects because of their sting. This makes it very upsetting for people when they discover a wasp’s nest in their home or business premises. Nests are commonly found it lofts and roof spaces.

Wasp characteristics

Wasps are social insects and form large colonies, or nests, which are socially structured and highly organised. Wasps are a widespread pest during the summer.

The queen usually spends the winter in a warm protected site often located in lofts, attics, wall cavities or in the ground. As many as 30,000 wasps can populate a nest.

How do you get rid of a wasps nest?

The wasps nest will be treated directly, however, if the wasp nest cannot be located, treatment may involve the use of perimeter traps. Alternatively, insect screens on doors and windows will help stop wasps entering buildings, and the installation of electric fly killers will help to control wasps if they do get inside premises.

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