BeesMany people are afraid of bees and when they discover a nest at their home or business it can be quite distressing. It is essential that you contact a professional pest control firm such as Balcombe Pest Control to ensure that the nest is removed safety.

Many people also come to a number of incorrect conclusions when they find that they are hosting a colony of bees:

  • All bees are honey bees and so are protected. This is not true, the likelihood is that the nest at your property or in your garden is a nest of bumble bees, these look different to the honey bee in that they are larger and have furry bodies. The bumble bee, unlike the honey bee, also does not lose its sting but will die if it uses it.
  • All bees have a sting. There are three types of bumble bee, the Queen, the smaller females, i.e. the worker bees, and the even smaller male, or drone bee. Only the queen and the worker bees carry a sting.

If you have found a bees nest at your home of business premises in West Sussex or the South East, contact us today on 01444 811 916 to arrange for a member of our experienced pest control team to come and take a look. We can then discuss the best way to remove the nest, leaving you bee free.