MolesThere is nothing worse than putting time and effort into your garden or small holding, maintaining a local golf course or park, and then discovering that all of your hard work has been undone by moles. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence in Britain and one we come across often when dealing with rural clients, local councils, and golf clubs throughout West Sussex and the South East.

Moles can cause a lot of damage extremely quickly so it’s important to get in touch with an experienced pest control firm, such as Balcombe Pest Control, quickly. Within days they can ruin the perfect area of grassland, damage crops and plants; the mole hills created can even cause severe damage to equipment such as lawnmowers.

About moles

Moles are common to mainland Britain, they have a highly developed sense of touch and hearing even though they no external ear flaps. Their bodies are cylindrical, 12-16 cm long from nose to tail and they weigh 70-110g.

Each mole inhabits its own underground tunnel system covering an area 400-2000 square metres. It patrols these tunnels on a regular cycle searching out food such as earthworms and grubs for a period of 4 hours then resting for 3 hours. The mole is most active just after sunrise and again just before sunset.

The mole’s breeding season is from February to June each year and litters of young will leave the nest at 5 weeks old.

Moles can produce as many as 1.5 hills a day, each hill containing roughly 5 litres of loose soil, and can create 20 metres of fresh tunnels every day.

If you have a mole infestation and it’s damaging your outdoor space, contact us today on 01444 811 916 to arrange for us to visit you and assess the problem. We can then discuss the best course of action to remove those pesky moles.