cockroachCockroach infestations can be your worst nightmare, especially if you find them in your kitchen at home, or if you are a business operating within the food industry. An infestation can seriously damage your reputation over the long term and can even get your business shut down completely.

If you find a cockroach infestation in your home it can be upsetting and difficult to know what the best plan of action is. Whenever you discover cockroaches in your home or business, you should always call a qualified and experienced pest control team, such as Balcombe Pest Control.

About the cockroach

There are many different kinds of cockroach. Some of the more common types that occur in the UK include Common cockroach, German cockroach, Brown-banded cockroach, American cockroach and Australian cockroach.

Common cockroaches can infest premises for long periods before they are discovered. They are a widespread pest in the UK. The adult cockroaches are usually around 20-25 mm long and are reddish-brown in colour.

The Brown-banded cockroach is often found in residential premises. The adult cockroaches are quite small, usually around 10-15 mm long and are a yellowish-brown colour, with dark hoops around their body.

How do you get rid of a cockroach infestation?

Infestations can be very deep-seated within buildings and need regular and thorough treatment to control them. This does vary depending on the type of cockroach.

Our team will need to visit your premises to gain an understanding of the seriousness of the infestation and to identify the type of cockroach that they would be dealing with.

If you would like your cockroach infestation dealt with ASAP, contact Balcombe Pest Control on 01444 811 916 today to arrange for us to visit your home or business.