An infestation of flies can be extremely upsetting for the occupants of any building, whether it’s a home, or commercial premises. Many people believe that their infestation is the common House Fly, however, what they are experiencing is a gathering of Cluster Flies.

Flies can be annoying and unsanitary when they enter your home or business premises as a single pest. However, when Cluster Flies gather in any building, it can make this extremely uncomfortable for the occupants.

What are Cluster Flies?

Cluster Flies are roughly the same size as House Flies but they move more slowly and almost always fly towards windows on the warm side of a structure.

Cluster Flies breed in the ground outside of buildings during the warm weather (late spring into early summer), using earthworms as a food source for the immature larva (maggots).  The flies later pupate (go into the cocoon stage), then hatch as adult flies.

In temperate areas, often in late August, these flies begins to migrate indoors, finding any small cracks or crevices that permit entry into structures. These may include areas around window frames, door frames or eaves.  Entry tends to be on the same, warm, sunny side (often the southern or western exposure) of the structure as the flies later emerge from.

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