AntsMany people think that bedbugs solely reside in beds. The truth is that they will dwell anywhere that enables them to avoid light. So not only can you find them on mattresses and in bed frames and headboards, but bedbugs can gather in and behind skirting boards and plug sockets, which is not very healthy for your electrics, or on curtain poles and behind pictures.

Bedbugs are bad for business so if you are running a hotel, B&B, guest house, or are the landlord of a rental property, you will want to get your infestation dealt with as quickly as possible. The same goes for homeowners, the knowledge that you have bedbugs in your home can be very unsettling, in some cases it can even drive you out of your home until you get the problem dealt with.

At Balcombe Pest Control we understand the urgency and will do our very best to eradicate your bedbug infestation fast!

What are bedbugs?

Bed bugs are parasites and feed exclusively on blood, usually human blood. The bugs climb over their human hosts during the night and use their piercing mouthparts to penetrate the skin for feeding.

Adult bed bugs are approximately 5mm long and 3mm wide. They are oval in shape and usually dark reddish brown in colour, although the colour may vary. Bed bug eggs are pearly white and 1mm long.
Females feeding regularly will lay 2 or 3 eggs per day, up to a maximum of 12!

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