ratsRats are more likely to give people the shivers than other pests, people simply don’t like rats, and over the years they have built up quite a negative reputation for themselves. Discovering that you have a rat infestation can really test people, making them feel uncomfortable and scared of remaining in the home or continuing to work in the premises where the problem exists.

A rat infestation can be extremely destructive to the property, people within that property, and the business itself, especially if operating in the food industry. Rats can chew through wires, and wood, and it can become expensive and time consuming to repair any damage after the infestation has been taken care of.

About Rats

The most common species of rat found in the UK is the brown rat. There is also the black rat which is much less common and is usually found in very few port side areas.

Rats are nocturnal animals. They live for 9-18 months in the wild and the females can have over 50 offspring in a year.

How do you get rid of rats?

Successful eradication may be possible using a combination of rodenticidal baits and proofing.

If you are a business or individual based in the South East of England or West Sussex and you have a rat problem, contact the experienced team at Balcombe Pest Control on 01444 811 916. We’ll have you rat free in no time.