PigeonsPigeons are one of the main pests to inhabitants and businesses in urban areas. Their population is increasing and we are receiving more calls about problems with pigeons nesting on and in roof areas causing mess, noise, smell, and hygiene problems.

Not many people realise that pigeons can carry various diseases, some of which can be transferred to humans. It’s important that you deal with any infestations from pigeons before it gets too out of hand and you end up with a huge clean-up operation.

How do I get rid of pigeons on my roof?

Treatment varies depending on the bird. Generally treatment will usually involve removal of the nesting materials and dusting or spraying with insecticidal sprays to control any pest activity. Also access holes should be blocked to prevent re-infestation.

We also can take common anti-roosting measures include netting and specially modified ‘spike’ systems. In relation to pigeons we offer a number of treatments and preventative methods.

If you are tired of pigeons messing up your home or business premises, contact our team of experienced pest controllers today on 01444 811 916. 

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Fire escape before netting

Fire escape after netting