AntsMany people don’t often think of ants as being pests, however, they can be a real inconvenience within the home or business, or if they set up camp in your garden. Whether you are a homeowner, business, or keen gardener with a typical ant problem, or someone who’s experiencing an infestation of the more tropical pharaoh’s ant, we can help.

Our team of experts know just how to handle any infestation of ants, whether they are the common black or garden ant, or the pharaoh’s ant which originated in North Africa and the Mediterranean.

About ants

Black or garden ants usually nest outdoors, although occasionally they can find their way into domestic dwellings and business premises. They are black and around 5mm in length.

The pharaoh’s ant love warm and humid environments so often nest indoors, mainly within the fabrics of buildings, along heating ducts, and in wall cavities. They are yellow-brown in colour and smaller than their garden based cousins.

Getting rid of ants

Depending on the variety of ant we are dealing with, our team of experienced pest controllers will either take an insecticide approach for the black ant, or a baiting approach for tropical ants. This is so that the nests the ants have built in your home or business can be destroyed.

Do you have an ant problem? Call our expert team today on 01444 811 916 to discuss a plan of action.