MiceIf you’ve had that moment where you have found mouse droppings or chewed packets in your cupboard, or worse, seen a mouse run across the room, you know it’s time to contact Balcombe Pest Control. We regularly deal with mouse infestations in domestic dwellings and commercial properties across West Sussex.

Mice will take advantage of accessible food and can squeeze through the smallest of gaps. An infestation of House Mice (infestations of Field Mice are much less common) can escalate quite quickly, a female mouse can produce as many as 80 offspring a year.

Mice infestations can be especially inconvenient for businesses in the food industry.

How do you get rid of mice?

Mice can be controlled using a combination of rodenticidal baits and proofing.

If you have noticed signs of a mouse infestation, i.e. chewed packaging or mouse droppings, contact our experienced team of pest control experts today on 01444 811 916.