Welcome to Balcombe Pest Control – keeping West Sussex and the South East pest free since 1998.

As a professional pest control company with over 10 years’ experience, we understand how inconvenient and distressing having a pest problem can be. It can also be difficult to know what to do about it. The first thing you should do is contact our friendly team on 01444 811 916 to discuss your pest problem and the best way to tackle it.

Whatever your home or commercial premises has been invaded with, we are on hand to help:

Rodents – If you discover mice or rats in or around your home or business, we can eradicate the problem quickly using rodenticidal baits and proofing to stop the problem returning.

Birds – Gulls, Sparrows, Pigeons, and Starlings can be a real pain. Let our expert team deal with the problem using a combination of insecticidal sprays and anti-roosting methods.

Bees and wasps – Don’t worry if you discover a wasp or bees nest, the chances are we can remove it safely, leaving you pest free.

Ants – Not often considered as pests but ant invasions can do a lot of damage to your garden and prized plants. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor invasion, we can help.

Bedbugs and fleas – If you come across either of these little pests you can rely on our team to carry out a thorough pest eradication, leaving you completely flea and bedbug free.

Cockroaches – These can cause real damage if you are a business in the food industry, and infestations can be deep rooted, you need to call the experts ASAP.

Moles – Mole hills ruin lawns, fields, golf courses, bowling greens, and more, they even damage grass cutting equipment. Get our team in to deal with them.

Flies – Cluster flies can gather quickly, making the occupants of a property uncomfortable. We can treat the problem quickly using various insecticide products.

We offer a professional, friendly, and affordable service, delivered by a sympathetic and knowledgeable team, and will do our best to be with you as quickly as possible so that we can get rid of your unwanted guests for good.

We are a proud member of the British Pest Control Association and all our services are delivered to ISO 1400 standards.


CommercialYou are running a business and the success of that business depends on the reliability of your staff and equipment, and even the cleanliness of your premises. Unfortunately it only takes one little pest to cause major disruption that results in a loss of productivity, money, and even the ability to open your doors full stop if you are providing your customers with food…



Your home is your haven, it’s where you relax, where you raise your family, and you have probably spent a lot of time and money to get your home just the way that you want it. That can all be ruined the moment that you realise that you have unwanted visitors in your home, whether it’s noticing a bees nest in the eaves, seeing a mouse run across your kitchen, having to clean your car…